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Q: Most recently you traveled Europe as a touring musician, can you share one of the coolest experiences or performances? Which city did you love the most?


A: Stockholm last year was really fun. I met Freddie Cruger, Swedish Producer, through a video I posted on IG of me playing sax over one of his songs.  The internet is so crazy.  This led me to Stockholm playing alongside Freddie and three incredible singers for an intimate crowd. The whole experience wasn't expected. 

Q: So after traveling, you've found a semi-permanent home in Los Angeles, Los Feliz, right? Is this home for a while and will you continue to travel? 

A: Yea, the gypsy in me squirmed a bit but honestly everything kind of came together all at once. I always wanted to live in a big music city, and I've been in and out of LA a bunch over the past 10 years. The universe worked a little magic, I found a situation that feels right. 

Q: What are you working on right now? Any new albums we should listen to? 

A: My 2019 single "Brand New Day" in collaboration with Bosq has been getting some good spins on Spotify which is great. I have an EP slated for release late May and looking to tour this summer or early fall, quite possibly as a one man live loop act.  Lots of kinks and programming learning curves but things are slowly coming together. 

Q: How many instruments will you incorporate? Seems like a challenging act, what inspired you to try?

A: I just have always enjoyed playing music no matter the context. And now with technology the possibilities are endless. Like you can create an atmosphere with a mac alone, but add 4 or 5 analogue instruments and maybe even a few special guests to the mix.  It's super exciting to me.  All these years working on a sound that embodies everything that inspires me, not only musically but as a human being.  And then seeing acts like FKJ transporting crowds into his thing, his musical dimension; it only further motivates me to create perform and do my own thing. But it's a lot of work outside the music.  Like getting things tight.  So that's where I'm at. 

Q: You mention collaborations and special guests, who do you have in mind? What does your wish-list look like? 

A: Oh man the list grows everyday haha.  I love music in different languages.  So singers that specialize in other languages are so appealing to me.  Maybe it's because I'm a native English speaker but I feel like everyone seems to want to sing in English and I gravitate toward the romance languages haha. But to answer your Q, I would love to be in the same room as singer Buika one day.  The depth of her voice kills me every time I here it. I love English singer Omar.